Extrusion Poly Coating - Coex

It is characterized by advanced technique, reliable quality, easy to operate, and high automation, which is used widely in the industries of chemical, petrochemical, cement, sugar , salt, Grain and wheat, Animal feed, Commodity items, metallurgy and mining and general purpose packaging, storage and transportation of many kinds of materials. The line uses PP or PE as raw material, through the flow-casting coating and lamination technology, achieving single-sided / double-sided coating or paper-plastic lamination with substrates (plastic woven fabric), to produce coated or laminated products. The line is equipped with advanced electrical and mechanical devices throughout the whole production flow from substrate unwinding, lamination to winding, to achieve single control and group control.

The dual-station Unwinder uses automatic web guiding control for substrates, and brakes for surface tension control of substrates, achieving pneumatic splicing and non-stop roll changing. The laminator is equipped with preheating roll (optional) for preheating and drying of substrates. Laminating roll, silicon rubber roll and press roll are of dual-interlayer forced water cooling structure, with excellent cooling effect. The dual-station winder adopts constant-tension surface friction winding, pneumatic transverse cutting, roll changing without shutdown, and equipped with adjustable edge-trimming device, edge-strip blowing device, and length counting device.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Our high speed 8 color rotogravure printing machine with 5 drive, web video & auto registration control system. Rotogravure Printing Machine is used in flexible packaging manufacturing and printing process including polyester, Nylon, Bopp, Foil, low and high density polyethylene polypro plane and paper with two sided printing facilities with high speed hot air dryers. The high speed rotogravure printing machine has the great flexibilities and high resolution color combination at faster rate. The rotogravure printing machine is well designed for precision engineering for best industry standard requirements of valued clients with technical excellence, easy machine operations with good efficiency and performance, high durability and reliability with standard parts made from sturdy materials.

Rotogravure printing machine is designed to support flexible packaging film manufacturing industry. Rotogravure print plant is an expert supplementary solution that can be added to the existing flexible packaging film plant as it can print on variety of materials including paper, flexible films, aluminum foils, etc. Rotogravure printing line is a suitable choice to print on lamination lines made of different ingredients. Investing on this supplementary machine is a favorable opportunity to reduce the cost of secondary packaging requirements.

Introducing sensitization resin as Rotogravure Printing Plate & Machines, it is suitable for printing, such packing materials as polyethylene, polypropylene bag, and cellophane and roll paper. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bags for food, supermarket handbags, vest bags and clothes bags.


  • Foundation-Less Design, Convenience For Operation and Loading/Unloading Printing Cylinders.
  • Unwinder/Rewinder Turret Type, Auto Cutting/Splicing In High Speed; Rewinder With Pneumatic Pressing Roller Device.
  • Seven Vector Motor + YASKAWA Inverters Tension Control System, Siemens PLC Program; Central Control by Dual Touch Screen.
  • Auto Register System with Web Video Inspection.
  • Shaft-less Pneumatic Installation Type for Printing Cylinders.
  • Doctor Blade With Dual Gas Cylinder Pressing, Horizontal Movement Drive By Motor
  • Ink Circulation System

Four Layer Laminates (Extrusion Coating Laminates)

Extrusion coating is the coating of a molten web of synthetic resin on to a substrate material. It is a versatile coating technique used for the economic application of various plastics, notably polyethylene, onto paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, paper, aluminum, cellulose or plastic films. Four layer laminates increase the shelf life of the products packed by providing very high WVTR (Water Vapor transmission Rate) and OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate). Hygroscopic foods like namkeens and extruded snack foods are packed in 4 layer laminates. We specialize in this product and aim to assume very low WVTR and OTR values as per your product segment.

Three Layer Laminates

We also have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the emerging market demands of Three Layer Laminates. These quality laminated packaging material comprises three layers of polymer materials including :

  • Surface layer
  • Intermediate layer
  • Another surface layer

Here, the intermediate layer that lies adjacent to top and bottom surface layers contains lubricant with the intermediate layers having gas-barrier properties. Further, with the total lubricant present in two surface layers smaller than in intermediate layer, this helps in reducing adhesion of lubricant to the die lip. With the offered laminated packaging material having superior transparency and gloss properties, these three layer laminate films allow quality printing of logos and designs on the surface film, thus making the products packed inside bear a colorful, attractive and charming finish appeal. 

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