Strip Packing

Veterinary tablets are generally packed in poly coated papers. We supply printed Paper to various pharmaceutical companies for veterinary tablets packaging.

Blister Packing

We can supply various types of papers used in tablets packaging. We also provide printed poly coated paper used at the back of blister tablets packaging.

Condom Packing

Modern Laminators has a special dedicated plant for Condom Packaging. We have developed special structures for condom packaging. We are supplying our condom packaging to various condoms manufacturers worldwide.

Swab Packaging
Syring Packing

We are manufacturing printed flexible laminates used in packaging of disposable syringes.

ORS Packing

Modern Laminators brings to you its distinguishing range of Oral rehydration salt or solution (ORS) packaging.. Rehydration Salt or Solution (ORS) needs the quality packaging which helps in prevent it from any kind of contamination & wetness as well as thus increases its shelf life. ORS Packaging keeps the chemical composition of the ORS intact and provides resistant from moisture, high temperature and other defect causing factors. Features:

  • Sealed from four sides
  • Ensure freshness and safe storage for long time scale
  • Available in variety of suave colors and striking designs

Band Aid

We are supplying special grade printed poly coated paper to various pharmaceutical industries for band aid packaging.