Hair Care/Shampoo Packaging

Modern Laminators manufactures detergent packaging that not only imparts a long shelf life to the detergent by protecting its cleansing power from moisture and dirt. These packaging materials come in a plethora of attractive colors and trendy print patterns that deliver tempting looks to the products.


We offer superior quality pulses packaging products, which come in various sizes and volumes and are tailor-made to suit the needs and tastes of our customers. These grocery packaging products are adorned with vibrant colors and magnificent designs and are comfortable to carry.


Modern Laminators are leading manufacturers for Ice cream packaging. Our Paper/PE are used in ice cream cups and its lids. We also do PE coating on SBS board which are commonly used for packing ice cream bricks. We also provide PE coating on various papers and boards used in ice cream industry. We also provide flexible laminates for ice cream candy.